Na Papitaiso.

I’d say the thing I enjoy most about the mission is the fact that I spend my time helping others.  I work as a friend, moral support, glossary/guide to the scriptures, and janitor.  I don’t think about myself unless I’m getting ready in the morning or eating.  Actually, I don’t think about myself when eating.  I eat long past when I’m full in order to express gratitude for the unbelievable amounts of food they give me here.  It’s been good to focus on the needs and stories of others.  I’ve been learning that we’re really not all that different and most people (especially Fijians) just want to be nice.

It’s rained for the past week or so, so I feel like I’m actually in the tropics now.  Still getting bit by mosquitoes, and my sandals are caked with mud.  I ate a grocery bag full of passion fruit that a sister from the ward gave to us and it was absolutely scrumptious.  Passion fruits are kind of like liquid mangoes with a thick purple outer skin and I love them.  On Saturday, we had a Relief Society Show, and I was given a sugar cane.  It was really big, but I ended up taking it to a baptism, a few lessons, and dinner.  I took it on the bus as well.  Unfortunately, the bus was mostly full, so I ended up standing.  Someone kindly offered to hold it in their lap for me, but don’t worry, I got it back.  I finally ate some of it before dinner, but some random guy walked up and ate half of it.

We had another baptism on Saturday.  It was supposed to be next week, but the sister was so excited and prepared that we did it a week early.  It was a great program.

After that, one of our investigators invited us to a dinner appointment for one of their holidays here.  We ate lots of Indian sweets and a fancy chicken dish.  We had more sweets on Sunday because our neighbors brought boxes and bowls filled with food.  We had a funny moment during Sacrament meeting because one brother in the ward enjoys cracking jokes from the pulpit.  This time he gave a talk on “love, don’t swallow, your neighbor,” and said, “don’t worry, we don’t eat people here anymore.”  I laughed about that one for a long time.  Overall, it was a very good week.

DSCF0254[1] DSCF0243[1] DSCF0241[1] DSCF0245[1] DSCF0228[1] DSCF0231[1]  DSCF0239[1]


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