Na Kakana Vinaka.


I snagged another bag of Indian sweets on Tuesday from my district leader.  I gently pulled them from his bag and was admiring them when his companion gifted them to me.  Not sure if he’s found out about it yet, but his companion and I are officially best friends.

One of our investigators might be getting baptized.  He’s been taught many times before, but he’s seriously considering baptism for the first time.  He knows everything.  He knows the lessons as well as I do, and he’s a really amazing person.  He serves us all the time.  He’ll find taxis for us, gets us food, and he keeps his commitments.  He is, as they say, a “golden investigator”.  I just hope and pray that he’ll get baptized.  I can see his potential, and I just hope that he’ll realize it.

We ate with the Devi family this week.  We had roti (Pretty much my favorite thing here.  It’s a mix between tortillas and pita bread, but they serve it hot and I eat it in ridiculous quantities.)  We also ate fish curry, crab soup, and tomato chutney.  It was so tasty that I ate unhealthy amounts of everything with no regrets.  I’m just really glad that they only cook for us once a week.

We went tramping around in the bushes on Wednesday.  There’s all kinds of shortcuts in Nausori.  They cut through fields full of green, prickly bushes.  On one path, I lost my footing and reached out for something/anything to hold me up.  I grabbed a handful of grass.  It broke in my hands, and I fell backwards into more grass.  We started laughing hysterically and it took a long time for me to stand up.  I watched a few minutes worth of the clear blue sky framed by the green grass surrounding my face.

The people here are very, very kind.  For example, one family here fed us breakfast and lunch.  After, one of the members, the only member in her family, said she’d make sure her door was always open to us.  We didn’t have a dinner appointment for the first time last week because a member had to cancel.  We scheduled a lesson instead and the person we taught kept apologizing because she wanted to feed us, but she wanted to make sure the meal she prepared was very good.  We came back the next day and got plenty of delicious food.  Then, one of the sisters offered to stand in as my mother while I’m away from home.  They’re very friendly.

We went out to Bau Levu on Saturday.  It’s on the very outer edge of our area, and there areDSCN9586 DSCF0323[1] DSCF0326[1] DSCF0329[1] DSCN9810 DSCF0331[1] quite a few people out there we need to visit.  We took the bus, and asked people for directions all along the way.  We ended up riding the bus until it stopped at the end.  We found one family that we had been looking for, but had to wait a long time to catch the bus back.  The scenery was gorgeous and remote, lush and green.  It started pouring (It was still sunny, mind you.  I didn’t even see it coming) and we had to sit in the bushes.  Thankfully, it stopped just as quickly as it had started and we made our way back to some lessons in town.

Best moment of the week: Five of our investigators came to church!  Two of them are making a lot of progress.  Overall, it was a great teaching week, and we got thirty-five lessons done.

Sister Hawkins


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