Na Beach.

Bula Vinaka!

When working with investigators, it’s amazing to me how much they’re willing to give up when they know what we teach is true.  They sacrifice time, old habits, friends.  They completely change lifestyles because two young women tell them about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When they make these changes, there’s a visible difference.  They’re happier, they ask good questions, and they’ve always got something to smile about.

My companion and I discovered a hot bread kitchen.  We stop by about once a week to buy large amounts of bread which we then snarf down.  I never though I’d miss bread, but I especially miss chocolate.  Wednesday was one of the happiest days of my life though, because one of the members gave me chocolate and peanut butter.  I just put the chocolate in my mouth and left it there, savoring the taste.  I slathered peanut butter all over the bread (it was crunchy, my favorite kind).

Monday we got to go to the beach.  We ate lovo, food cooked in an earth oven.  It tastes kind of like smoked turkey.  It was absolutely beautiful and the salty ocean air partially cured my throat.  (It’s been pretty sore for a while).  Something about the large amounts of rain we’ve been getting gives everyone a cold.  The rain also makes the papaya, mangoes, and other delicious fruit grow, so I suppose it is a fair trade.  We just have to make sure we bring an umbrella when we go outside.

Yesterday was Sunday, I played the piano again, and they even put my name on the program now for every week.  We met with some of the church leaders and discussed missionary work.  They spent a great deal of time thanking us for the work we do here, and then discussed all the ways the ward wanted to help.  They want to be actively engaged in missionary work in their area, and it’s going to help us so much as missionaries.  By the end of our meeting, I felt the spirit so strongly.

We had another baptism on Saturday.  The investigator who has taken 7-8- years to get baptized?  He made it all the way, and he’s doing great.  He participated in the lessons on Sunday, and he’s clearly much happier.  He’s going to work with the Hindi speaking elders in our area for a while.

Loloma Yani!

Sister Hawkins

Anna didn’t send pictures this week, she said that the computer wasn’t uploading from her camera for some reason – Susan


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