Hola Beautiful!

{This is a compilation of her letters to her grandfather and her mother}


Yes, I’m in Lautoka, and I really love it here.  The work is going well in our area, but it’s an area that has been slow for the past four months.  We’re here because they think we can do the job, and we’re putting everything in that we’ve got.  It has been wonderful in Lautoka with a great companion.  We’ve been walking around talking to everyone since this area was whitewashed and we had no investigators.  I have been exhausted at the end of every day since I got here, but it’s the good kind of exhausted.  We’ve already met most of the ward, enjoyed some delicious sweets and meals.  We’re working with the Hindi speaking elders a little bit, and they gave us a Fijian referral.  This area has mountains and hills and cactus and looks a bit like a cross between Hawaii and Mesa.  My companion says it looks a lot like Australia.

But I was definitely prepared throughout my life to serve in Fiji.  I love the Fijians.   I can honestly say that I love other people much more than I ever have.

We’ve picked up one investigator, and he’s already read up through second Nephi.  A lot of people are going back to their villages for school holidays, so things will be busy for awhile.  We had a great church service though, and my companion and I both spoke.  I had to bend down to use the microphone and she thought it was the funniest thing.  We’ve had a lot of laughs this week and spent a lot of time sharing ideas and spiritual experiences.  Our lessons have all been great, organized, and we’re getting answers to our questions.  Planning on another great week.



Sister Hawkins


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