Siga ni Sucu.

{This will be a little disjointed.  It is a compilation of letters she sent.}

Isa, Fane.  (The wife of a family friend recently passed away)  She’s a very thoughtful person.  To make a lei for a sister she never met and to give gifts so often shows that she really embraced the Tongan value of hospitality.  I wish I’d gotten to know her better.

I had some delicious lovo the day after (Christmas).  Good to hear that everyone back home showered you with blessings of food.  Send a sister into the Fiji Suva Mission field and even her family gets fed.

I’ll watch Star Wars when I get back.  I didn’t know that it came out.  I was a bit confused when I saw a Rotuman man walking around in a Jedi suit here.

As Elder Holland described his missionary Christmas, “for such an uneventful Christmas-clearly the least festive of any I ever had before or since- it says something that those special days in December of 1960 (2015) remain in my heart as one of the sweetest Christmases I have ever had.  I think that is because for the first time in my life, I found myself understanding Christmas rather than just enjoying it.  I think for the first time in any truly significant way, I was getting the message of Christ’s birth and life – His message and His mission and His sacrifice for others”.

We didn’t teach very many lessons, there weren’t any breakthroughs with investigators or less actives.  We just had a lot of time to reflect on Christmas and what it means.  Family was central to my Christmas.  With the Skype session (that I was extremely grateful for), getting to watch other families exchange gifts, and participating in President and Sister Layton’s family traditions, I got to remember how much I love you guys and how happy I’ll be to spend my next Christmas with you.  We walked a lot, we knocked on a lot of doors.  I almost got bit by a dog, but I jumped so high it ran away.  My companion and I were just very grateful to have each other, and we loved being able to share messages about Christ, His love for us and His birth.

Sending you oceany thoughts and breezes from the coast of Fiji.  Suva is really nice.  It’s got a good combination of town and city, residential areas, huts.  It’s got everything.  The weather is great, and there’s almost always an ocean breeze.  It looks a lot like Hawaii.

Loloma Levu,
Sister Hawkins


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