Raica Noqu Skills!

Bula Vinaka,

That was one of the funniest phrases I’ve ever heard here in Fiji.  “Raica noqu skills!”, shouted by a little Fijian boy who was hopping over a fence.

Anyway, this was a finding week.  Our area has been pretty slow for awhile, considering we’ve been in the temple for so long.  Sister Mitchell decided we were going to put all the energy we had into picking up the work here again, and it worked.  We went out and talked to anyone who was willing to listen (which was almost everyone).  We tried to find out who was looking for missionaries, for lessons, for someone to talk to.  Any time we got stuck, we’d pray.  We had so many good experiences with that this week.  We found one lady who said during our conversation that the gospel and the scriptures filled an emptiness she felt for a long time.  Another woman said she’d been yearning for something in her life, she’d been searching, and said she felt it go away when we taught her about prayer and the Book of Mormon.   We ran into countless people who have been preparing to feel forgiven, to find a church, to teach their children and provide for their families.  And in teaching and sharing with these people, Sister Mitchell and I are growing so much.

Sister Mitchell is an angel.  She thanks me all the time for the training we do together, but I know it only works because she’s so loving, willing and ready to work.  She complimented me on my ability to make friends with random people, and she’s so good at listening.  We’ve got a dynamic duo going.

There’s a cultural celebration this week.  We’re going to see President Eyring on Saturday.  I helped to make the costumes for the Vanuatu dance.  It’s going to be an amazing experience, and I know it’s going to go all too fast.

Oh, and it was Sister Mitchell’s birthday on Thursday and we got to eat at Saffron, one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Fiji.

Things are going so good here.  So much happened that it’s hard to sum it up in one email, but we’re working so well with the ward and with the people here, I know great things are happening.

The temple didn’t just change Fiji for a week, it’s going to change Fiji forever.

I love and miss you all so much.  I’ll write more next week once the cultural celebration has happened.  Please watch and enjoy!

Sister Hawkins


Above is the link to the Fiji Temple cultural celebration.

(The featured image, the photo of the child with the juice box, and the photo of the group in front of the picture of Christ, are from the facebook page, Mormon-Media Fiji.)


6 thoughts on “Raica Noqu Skills!

      1. yes, my daughter and I share a Facebook account. we are Katie Dru Young. I heard from my Son. I am so glad everyone was in Suva for the Temple Dedication.


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