This week was wonderful!  We’ve been on the search for a while and found some really promising investigators.  They’re ready to learn, they’ve kept their commitments.  They came to church this Sunday, and it was so fun to watch them while I sat on the stand (I played piano this week).  They’re both rugby players, so they looked really different in white shirts and ties than they do in their regular training gear.  They made the benches look really small.  At the start of the meeting, they looked like they felt a little out of place, but as it went on they looked more and more comfortable.  By the end, they had big smiles on their faces, and they told us how much they enjoyed the church meeting afterwards.

We had exchanges this week and I got to go to Samabula and pay a visit to the very first house I ate at in Fiji.  It’s a Kiribati home, and we did their gardening for them.  We tore out all the green vines from the fence and hung up the washing.  At the end of it, they gave us a delicious Kiribati meal.  One whole flying fish with a plate of hot rice, soy sauce, porridge and toast.  I savored every bit of that fish (is was the same kind I’d had the first time as well) and remembered that first night in my new island home. I’ve come a long way, with the Lord’s help.

Easter is a four day celebration here.  From Friday to Monday, everyone remembers Jesus Christ, his life and his sacrifice.  I loved watching all the families spend time together and enjoy delicious food and good company.  We got to share lots of Easter messages, and even had an Easter egg-hunt as a district.  Remembering the “true meaning” of holidays as a missionary is really easy and even super fun.

We’ve got a baptism this week.  We can’t wait.  It’s for Sala, and she keeps calling us to make sure it’s still happening.  She’s well-prepared, and she’s doing everything she can to make sure this baptism is one of the best experiences of her whole life.  She said that this process has helped her become more forgiving, and she loves her family more.  She’s been an example to her friends and family, and her husband is even coming from Kadavu to watch.  We’re inviting as many people as we can, and it looks to be a very sweet and tender life-changing experience.

Sister Mitchell and I have about twenty-seven days left together.  We both wish it was more, but I know she’s going to go out and have an amazing mission experience.  She’s a hard-worker, she’s dedicated.  She’s filled with so much love for this people and such a desire to learn.  I know she’s going to go out and accomplish miracles.

We found out there was an Indian festival this week (Holi) and called the Hindi elders to find out more about it only to learn that they didn’t know it was on this week until we told them.

Our bishop and his wife took us to dinner at one of the tastiest Indian restaurants in all of town.

Overall, Sister Mitchell and I had an outstanding Easter week.

Loloma Bibi,

Sister Hawkins


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