Missionary Pay-Day.

This week we had zone conference, interviews and a baptism.

Our friend finally came back from Kadavu.  She had her interview at ten o-clock and got baptized at two.  It all went so fast, and when we showed up at her house, she was in town.  We panicked a little since the district leader was on his way for the interview and there was no investigator to be found.  She came just before he did, passed the interview with flying colours, and got ready for her baptism.  The service was very sweet and personal, and the attendance was great.  We had the stake president there, the Relief Society counselor, and around fifteen other people.  We had a special musical number (Amazing Grace) after the baptism, and she got up to share her testimony.  It was a beautiful testimony.  She shared all about how she’d been looking for a religion, and had prayed and asked God to bring people to her door.  That’s where Sister Mitchell and I came in.  The ward has done a great job of fellow-shipping her, and she got plenty of love and appreciation on her first Sunday at church.


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