Goodbye, Training Wheels.

Bula Vinaka!

We had a great week this week.  It was Sister Mitchell’s last week of training, so she got to lead the area for the first time.  She did a wonderful job and even met the mission’s “standard of excellence” for the number of lessons.  She led with poise, dignity, and some creative/entertaining analogies.  Her general conference analogy was my favorite.  The people of Raiwaqa love her because she listens to their thought and feelings with sincere love.  I can’t wait to see how transfers pan out for her.  I know the Lord has some awesome things prepared for her to do.  She’s been a great trainee and is an A plus gold star quality friend.

Went around visiting as many people as we could.  Highlights included teaching someone who hadn’t come in a long time because he can’t stand up.  We shared a verse with him while sitting outside his house because the three of us couldn’t fit and there were no other ladies present anyway.  We had a Family Home Evening lesson with some members and were pleasantly surprised to find out they had invited their cousin too.  Got to know him a little bit better, and see if we could do anything to help.  District meeting on Tuesdays always a real treat since our district has remained mostly intact for three transfers.  We’re good friends now and we always share lots of uplifting and usually entertaining things together.  The unity is strong here in Raiwaqa , and the spirit is even stronger.  We’ve almost met our district goals for the month.  Wednesday and Thursday were both full days, we spent almost the whole day outside of the flat talking with as many people as we could.  We’re always looking for people with a sincere desire to change and be happier, and we’ve seen it happen.  Friday, we attended a Fijian wedding.  We were there to support our recent convert and showed up a few hours early to help with the cooking.  She wasn’t home when we got there, but all her family was.  We picked up some carrots and garlic and started grating.  They weren’t going to let us help, since we are “talatala” (preachers), but we gave them reassuring smiles and helped anyway.  It felt nice to be washing, cutting and cooking vegetables again.  Hopefully, the result was a positive contact.

The wedding itself was traditional and pretty lengthy.  The food was delicious.  Curry, lovo chick and dalo, crab salad, and all kinds of hearty Fijian dishes.  We ate our fill, and they were going to send us away with more.  We made sure our extra shares went to the young couple and their family.

We had the opportunity to enjoy conference this weekend.  A real spiritual feast.  We went in with some questions and got specific answers and had an overall uplifting experience.

Loloma Bibi,
Sister Hawkins


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