Na West.

I’m in Nadi now!!  Just got transferred.  It’s a beautiful place.  It’s right next to the international airport, so it’s a very diverse and lively place.  We’ve got all kinds of wonderful people to teach here.  From China, Rotuma, all over the Pacific.  There’s all kinds of churches, restaurants, parks, museums.  It’s a beautiful place.

My companion is Sister Baki, she is from Papua New Guinea.  She’s so friendly and helpful, and she’s always ready and happy to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner for the two of us.  She loves her family and missionary work more than anything else.  She’s been a member for one year and she has such a strong testimony and spirit about her.  She was in the area before me and the people love her.

I’m enjoying the food here, the members here.  We had ward conference yesterday, and they had been praying for weeks for a pianist to come and I came the Tuesday before ward conference actually happened.  The bishop was so grateful and I was too.

We bumped into someone from my old area, Waila, and she said she recognized me and wanted to have a lesson.  It ended up going really well, and we’re going to be back again tomorrow.

Love you all tons and tons!  More next week.

Sister Hawkins


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