Na Macawa.

Bula Vinaka!

This is just literally called the week because there was no one defining moment.  There were a lot of really good ones though.

Monday we had a district qito with the ten of us.  We have a huge district, so Sister Baki and I watched while the elders played basketball.  If anyone has any cool ideas for a district qito, just let us know.

Tuesday, we got to see one of my most beloved families in all of Fiji.  They came at the perfect time.  It’s bee a bit of a struggle recently, with a new area, a new comp, a new calling, and some major family events going on back at home.  All the newness was getting to be a bit exhausting.  I still love the work, love being a missionary.  It was one of my lows on Tuesday and the Lord knew it, and He knew that help was needed.  He sent a family from Waila, all the way to the west.  Seeing them again, hearing about how well the people and ward there are doing, getting to hear about my companion/trainee, Sister Siale, and the progress she’s making, was exciting.  The best part was all the little miracles it took for me to run into this family.  They bought us dinner at Burger King, (Yusss, so nice) and it was exactly what we needed.  Shout out to all member families that love and serve missionaries.

Wednesday we got to go teach with a couple of the young single adults where we stay.  I love taking members out visiting.  They connect so well with the people they teach from the place they live.  Watching neighbors share together is a real treat.  They’ve set some new standards for missionaries leaving from the Lautoka Stake (they spend six weeks doing splits with missionaries before they go to help prepare.  It doesn’t have to be consecutive, so long as it’s about 42 days.)  and it’ll really help the missionaries already serving (we’ll have members we can work with) and the missionaries planning on leaving in the near future.  (the best way to learn missionary work is to practice it).

Thursday was service day, and we’re teaching piano to a little girl here.  Her mom served a mission in Kentucky, and she makes the most delicious food.  It was awesome getting to hear about the kindness of the members in Kentucky, and the hard work of the missionaries.  She said that she got called as a Spanish speaking missionary  in the last three months of her mission.  I can’t imagine, but it would take a lot of faith and prayer and study.  She said those last three months were some of the best of her whole mission, and there was such a sweet spirit in the Spanish ward.

Friday we got to do an exchange with the Lautoka sisters.  The sister that came to Nadi has some spectacular teaching and leading skills.  We were able to commit a family to come to church together and pray together that we’ve been working with for a long time.  Their daughters also had the opportunity to go on a youth trip this weekend all the way to Suva to see the temple and the Hibiscus Festival.

Then came the weekend.  Sunday was so busy because the rugby sevens team came to Nadi from Rio.  Every car had Fiji flags in the window, on top, draped across the seats.  Even in church, many of our members were wearing blue to show their support for the Fiji team.  Everyone we called was out at the fairgrounds, and we ended up visiting members and going home for studies.

Love you all tons and tons,

Sister Hawkins


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