Na Basi.

Bula Vinaka!

Lots of eating here in Nadi.  But, in other news.

We had a combined qito/sports day in Nawaka on Monday.

Tuesday was our last combined dratabu district meeting of about ten people before they split it during the transfers.

Wednesday we got to go teach with one of our members, she’s prepping for her mission and she’s awesome.  She’s already keen on doing missionary work and comes out with us all the time.

Thursday, service day, we cleaned our compound and ended up getting free chocolate cake from our landlord because she loved having a clean lawn.

Friday, we did our planning and had some good lessons with a family we’ve been visiting for a while.

Saturday, was an awesome , full teaching day.  There’s a village just outside Nadi, and we’ve been doing a lot of visiting there to build a unit.  There’s so many righteous, kind women and children living there, and we’re grateful for every priesthood member out there.  I’ve learned so much about how valuable a faithful priesthood holder is after coming to Fiji.  Thanks to all the dads and brothers out there that support, bless, and provide for their families.

Sunday was a great day.  The ward here really loves missionaries.  All of our five upcoming baptisms are referrals.  We’re working with the families to help build unity and love and get everyone on the same page.  It’s great to see the power that simple things like family prayer and scripture study have in bringing people together.

I love being a missionary.  I love the sisters.

And I love you all, tons and tons.

Sister Hawkins


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