Na Veisau.

Bula Vinaka!

Another beautiful, exciting week on the island of Fiji.

Monday last week was exciting.  For one of the first times on my mission, the zone leaders planned a qito filled with all kinds of games.  We raced around during duck-duck-goose, splashed each other during a water relay, and we ended it all up with a race to find and eat a whole orange, peel and all.  I really wanted to win, so I ate at least half of it and most of the peel.  For the team.  The bitter peel taste stuck in my mouth the whole day, but it was worth it for victory and a whole round of Nadi district high-fives.  We’ve only been a district for two weeks, but I already feel like Sister Baki and I have been working with these elders for a long time.  I think it was the delicious district potluck we had last week.  Our Zone Training Meeting was a spiritual feast.  No pizza this time, just pacific friend chicken afterwards, but it was jam packed with rich and meaningful spiritual insights.  I love being in the Fiji Suva Mission, and this meeting brought out all of the good traits of the missionaries here. Being here right now is such a blessing.

I’ve been pretending for a while that I’m not leaving Fiji.  I got splashed right into the reality deep end this week when I had to confirm my flight plans, start a self-reliance course, and do my last exchange to Lautoka.  (One of my previous areas, one of my favorites.  With dusty roads and swaying palms, it looks just like home.)

I’ve set a personal goal to finish strong.  To finish my mission satisfied and exhausted.  It’ll take hours of knocking on doors, making phone calls, baking brownies for my sisters here in the mission.  My number one all-time favorite part will be inviting as many people as I can to exercise faith and watch miracles unfold as their lives change for good, forever.

My mission prep teacher always told us, “Missionary work is joy!”  I can say now, it’s true.  I feel it every day.  “Big cheesy missionary grin” 24/7.


Sister Hawkins


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