A Letter.

(Anna has been working on her college class schedule, so she has not been able to write.  Also she is an STL [Sister Training Leader].  She has been traveling a lot visiting the sister missionaries she works with.  In fact, when she wrote she was in Taveuni. This is an edited version of what she sent to her mission president.)


It’s been a real joy working with Sister Sateki.  Things in Nadi are getting so good.  The week was still full of challenges and plenty of fall-throughs, but it was okay because we committed together to work as hard as we can.

We were able to do the “use their Bible” this week and had an amazing experience.  We were able to get the same promptings at the same time and got a “yes” to our baptismal invite.  The Spirit was so strong.

We’re excited for our exchanges with the north.  We were both really grateful for the training this week, and the insights we got to improve our leadership and exchanges.  We planned together, picked some things we want to work on personally and as sisters.

We’re really excited for our Labasa sisters, Lautoka sisters and Taveuni sisters who are all meeting their goals so far.  Our goal is to build future leaders and trainers.  There’s so much potential here, our sisters are loving and kind.  We’re going to build on that.

I’m doing really good, and I’m so grateful to be a missionary.

Sister Hawkins


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