Vanua Levu.


Sister Sateki and I were in the North this week.  Up in beautiful Vanua Levu.  It’s beautiful, the sisters there are working hard.  Sister Sateki was way tired after the trip and all the many amazing lessons she taught up there.  Exchanges are super productive but leave us feeling a little tired.  The best part is seeing out sisters.

We’ve been doing finding with the Bible in the Fiji Suva Mission.  It’s been going really well.  We use bible verses and talk about the blessings that the gospel brings to our lives:  families that can last forever, prophets that share messages for us from God.  They are simple things that can bring us so much joy.  We had a baptism last week Sunday.  They’re sisters.  We’d been teaching them for awhile, but they left for school.  We didn’t know when they’d come back, but they did.  And they both still wanted to get baptized.  They’re way good.  They shared their testimonies after the baptism, and they’re great examples to their family.

We have a few more people who would like to be baptized in November, and we’re hoping it’ll work out before I go.  Either way, they’re doing great.  We have people coming every Sunday, reading the scriptures on their own, and they’re really feeling the blessings.

I love being a missionary, I love Fiji.  I love the Fiji Suva Mission.  There are some great things happening right now, and we’re working hard to learn and grow together.


Sister Hawkins


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